Granbury, TX Tornadoes

I was in Granbury on 16-17 May assessing the situation following the devastating tornado, checking with N TX PCA churches on any members/regular attendees who live in that area. We didn’t have any who had any damage. On 18 and 20-21 May, I ran the Assistance Center on behalf of the TX Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) at the Church of Christ together with the Red Cross rep. The PCA is a member of the National VOAD as well as a member in a number of states. Those affected by the tornadoes could come to the Center to get city permits to get into the area, get temporary financial assistance, food, and other services from many VOAD and local agencies. Granbury was very well organized compared to many other communities. The 48 member Ministerial Alliance has been very active and is taking the lead on meeting unmet needs. Mission Granbury and the Christian Service Center have had on going programs to assist people. Hood County and Granbury are developing a Long-Term Recovery Committee (LTRC) to determine unmet needs and there have been thousands of volunteers helping..  There may be some opportunities there to volunteer in the LTRC. Grace Community PCA sent a team to work cleaning up debris one day and I’m encouraging other churches to do likewise. If someone is interested I can plug them into where ever the volunteer center is currently located. Habitat had built 60 homes, 57 of which sustained damage some total destruction so they are taking the lead to rebuild so that might also be a place where a PCA team could go.

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